Why Patpolyn?


Why Patpolyn ?

"PATPOLYN" – (A Product of NK Polycross LLP) is essentially A High Performance Lightweight, Weather resistant, UV Stabilised and Durable Multilayer Cross Laminated (MLCL) Film. Its manufactured by Proprietary and unique Polymer imported from various Countries and made by latest German Technology Production Process including Multilayer Blown – Cross Cut / Spiral Slitting-Cross Lamination – LD/TD Stretching – Multidirectional Compression and Isotopically align.

With Advance Technology and unique polymer formulation “PATPOLYN” processed to perform even in worst environmental condition. It is right fit for the application area where high Strength, Tear and Puncture resistance properties required.

PATPOLYN - Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

  • Highest UV Stabilised for Long Lasting Performance under Direct Sun Light.
  • Its Full Thickness Waterproof – No Secondary Lamination
  • PATPOLYN made from very special Imported Virgin Polymer – ( No Filler, No Low grade Polymer)
  • PATPOLYN is Heat Sealed of base material for robust performance and 100% water Proof
  • No issue of Delamination and cracking due to Advance Cross lamination Technology and UV Stabilised Properties
  • Ultrasonically welded eyelets, can sustain heavy starching pressure in tuff use
  • Durable and Long Life Span


  • ❌ Very Poor or No UV Stabilised
  • ❌ Very Thin Secondary Lamination which peeled off or tear very fast and lead to leakages
  • ❌ Ordinary Tarpaulin made from high Filler and Low grade Polymer
  • ❌ Sealing done on very Thin Lamination which is very weak and fail to early, also use stitched joints that are not waterproof
  • ❌ Delamination and cracking is very common failure due to thin lamination and absence of UV Stabilization
  • ❌ Use non weld metal eyelets which tear off when exposed to heavy starching pressure
  • ❌ Very short life Span