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Multilayer-Cross Laminated (MLCL) Premium Film, Tarpaulin and Covers for Long Lasting Performance

NK POLYCROSS LLP is one of the leading suppler of specialised packaging film. We also ensure that we deliver products of leading quality and variety. We hold a record of more than 550+ satisfied customers which are spread all over India & across globe are witnesses of our quality services.

We take immense joy in expressing our gratitude to all our customers for their unconditional support and overwhelming responses. This has further encouraged us to introduce a new range of products of Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin under the brand name of "PATPOLYN"

“PATPOLYN” – is essentially A High Performance Lightweight, Weather resistant, UV Stabilised and Durable Multilayer Cross Laminated (MLCL) Film. Its manufactured by Proprietary and unique Polymer imported from various Countries and made by latest SWISS Technology Production Process including Multilayer Blown – Cross Cut / Spiral Slitting-Cross Lamination – LD/TD Stretching – Multidirectional Compression and Isotopically align.

With Advance Technology and unique polymer formulation "PATPOLYN" processed to perform even in worst environmental condition. It is right fit for the application area where high Strength, Tear and Puncture resistance properties required.

The company is equipped with the latest fully integrated Multilayer Cross Lamination film Production line and Sizing unit in order to serving special requirements for covering most agriculture, industrial and household needs.

"PATPOLYN" is a high-value brand and a line of products from NK POLYCROSS LLP.

The product is exclusively made from innovative propriety raw materials with an advanced Multilayer cross lamination technology that strengthens the quality of the material. We verify and hold strict supervision at every step of the production under a well-equipped laboratory environment. We thrive to serve the highest form of services to our customers across the Globe.


We are totally dedicated to building a reputation as the most professional and highly valued supplier to our customer base.

Mission Statement

To embrace a propensity for satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by supplying on-time, high quality products and services, with competitive pricing and long term consistent value in our all product and specially in Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin.


Our commitment is to offer a premium quality service at a genuinely competitive price without ever compromising quality and assembly performance in Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin and other products.

Quality will always be our primary focus, and our service levels will clearly indicate just how we value your business.